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Tomatillo Plant


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Who we are

Welcome to our world of permaculture gardening and homesteading! We are a passionate couple dedicated to sustainable living and cultivating a harmonious relationship with nature.

As avid believers in the power of permaculture, we have transformed our piece of land into a thriving oasis that nourishes not only our bodies but also our souls. Our journey began with a desire to break free from the confines of modern, consumer-driven living and reconnect with the earth. We yearned for a simpler, more self-sufficient lifestyle, where every aspect of our existence could be in harmony with the natural world.

Through permaculture, we have embraced the principles of observation, cooperation, and working with nature rather than against it. Our garden is a testament to these principles, designed to mimic the diversity and resilience of natural ecosystems. We practice companion planting, utilizing the symbiotic relationships between different plant species to enhance soil fertility, deter pests, and promote overall health.

In our garden, you'll find a rich tapestry of edible plants, from vibrant vegetables and fruits to aromatic herbs and medicinal plants. We believe in the importance of growing our own food, not only for its freshness and nutritional value but also as a way to reduce our ecological footprint and foster a deep connection with the earth's cycles.

Beyond the garden, our homestead is a haven for sustainable living. We have implemented rainwater harvesting systems, renewable energy sources, and natural building techniques to minimize our impact on the environment. Our animals, including chickens and bees, play a crucial role in our permaculture ecosystem, providing us with fresh eggs, honey, and contributing to the overall health of our land.

We are passionate about sharing our knowledge and experiences with others who are interested in embracing a more sustainable lifestyle. Through workshops, educational programs, and online resources, we strive to inspire and empower individuals to embark on their own permaculture journey.

Join us as we continue to learn, adapt, and grow within the ever-evolving realm of permaculture. Together, let's create a world where humans and nature coexist harmoniously, where self-sufficiency and ecological awareness are guiding principles in our daily lives. Welcome to our permaculture gardening and homesteading life!


What we do

At our permaculture homestead, we engage in a myriad of activities that encompass our deep love for the land and sustainable living. Our honey bees, buzzing busily amidst the colorful blossoms, play a vital role in pollination and provide us with delicious, golden honey. Nestled within our permaculture food forest, a lush and diverse ecosystem, we cultivate an abundant array of fruits, vegetables, and herbs, allowing nature's harmony to guide our choices. In our gardens, we practice beyond organic methods, harnessing the power of companion planting and natural pest control to nurture the healthiest plants possible. Our commitment to self-sufficiency extends to our animal companions, as we keep chickens for eggs and embrace responsible animal husbandry. As dedicated homesteaders, we relish the art of preserving, from canning and fermenting to drying and freezing, ensuring the flavors of each season last throughout the year. With every endeavor, we strive to create a resilient and sustainable lifestyle, rooted in permaculture principles, and inspire others to join us on this rewarding journey

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