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Freeze Dried Mango 20g


100% real mango


All made here on the farm. We purchase seasonal sweet ripe mangoes and process them through our Harvest Right Freeze Dryer.


Freeze drying your food preserves 98% of its nutrients and makes some food shelf stable for many years. The flavours are usually more intense once they are freeze dried and super delicious. We refer to these as mango flavoured honeycomb. They are amazing in flavour and extremely healthy for you.


Use them on your desserts, yoghurts, breakfast or just eat them as a healthy snack



Keep Mango sealed and store in a cool dry place.  For better crispness, consume immediately after opening the pack.


What is Freeze Drying?

  • Food is placed into the freeze dryer where it is frozen to below 30 degrees Celcius.
  • Once frozen the freeze dryer creates a vaccum in the food chamber and as the food is gradually warmed, the water turns to vapor and evaporates out of the food (sublimation).  
  • Freeze-dried foods taste and look the same as the original and in some cases the flavour is intensified.

Freeze Dried Mango 20g

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